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Process Steps:

Building Process


This is where we meet and get to know a little about each other and hear your ideas. It is an information gathering meeting. We will discuss your ideas for the project, collect measurements, and take pictures of your existing home layout and structure. The feasibility and the most cost effective way to achieve your goals will be discussed. At this meeting you can learn more about our company and similar projects we have previously completed.


This is when I will have specific information about your project. Each project is unique, the information I present will vary from basic ideas and sketches to 3-D renderings. You will also be given preliminary pricing. This meeting will clarify if our ideas, design, and pricing are consistent with your goals for the project.


You will now need to evaluate the project and decide if you are ready to pursue the next step. This is the time to check references, look at similar past projects, see builder's selections and allowances and determine if they are consistent with your expectations. This will help you evaluate if you are comfortable with us as your builder.

Fine Tuning

After seeing prints, renderings and other completed projects you will be better prepared for this step. Changes are easy at this point and we encourage you to look at different possibilities. By taking time with the details now we can reduce the changes while under construction, this can save time and money. Designs can be fine tuned and selections made taking us a step closer to making your ideas a reality.


When the plans and selections are finalized, we can determine exact pricing and present you with a final contract to sign and make a down payment. This contract will provide information needed to receive financing if it is necessary. With a signed contract we can go to your municipality and receive the proper permits to complete the project.


Construction is the exciting time when many changes start happening. Our goal is to make the construction process as least disruptive as possible. With proper permits and planning in place a schedule will be made. You are provided a detailed schedule we will be following. Our job supervisor will work closely with you to address questions and concerns as they arise. It is not uncommon for some changes to be made along the way and we will work with you to come up with the best solution. The supervisor will also manage the sub-contractors that are needed for their specific skills to make the job go smoothly. Our sub-contractors are specialty skilled people that we have carefully chosen to work with on your project because of their expertise and quality of their workmanship. Most of our sub-contractors have been with us for 10yrs or more and we consider them an important part of our company.


At the end of the construction, we will do a final walk through to address any final concerns or questions. If there is a need for additional service in the future we will be there to make it right. We want your project to be something both you and our company are proud of when it is complete. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Our reputation is built on satisfied customers.

What Others Say...

"We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you and everyone at Good Homes & Additions. You have been very helpful and accommodating the past several months. Thanks you for working along side us as we took on the task of painting and staining. Since we were at the house on a regular basis, we had the opportunity to meet most of your subcontractors. They all did a great job, were very courteous and spoke highly of your business. The skill and attention to detail shown by your group of employees needs to be praised. Our completed house has exceeded all our expectations and we look forward to living in it. We will highly recommend your business to anyone looking for a builder. Thank you again for making it possible for us to build a quality home at a reasonable price."
- Sandy and Mike, Manheim

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